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Since 2002, Desert Botanical Garden’s Butterfly Pavilion has provided interactive opportunities for visitors to view all stages of a butterfly’s life and learn the story of the relationship between plants and insects in the Sonoran Desert. The Jonathan and Maxine Marshall Butterfly Pavilion operated until 2015 when a new, expanded facility was developed.

In 2017, the Garden reopened a 3,200 square foot open-air structure, featuring lush garden plantings, a water feature, thousands of live butterflies, engaging programming and a state-of-the-art nursery space.

Seasonal Information

Thousands of butterflies take flight in the Valley’s only Southwest Butterfly exhibit. Learn how these fluttery creatures care for and protect the desert environment. Don’t miss the caterpillars, chrysalises and more!

Swallowtail Butterfly

Immerse yourself in more than 2,000 butterflies, all native species to the Southwest United States.

Great Milkweed Growout

Learn more about our conservation efforts, like the Great Milkweed Grow Out.


Caterpillar on Milkweed

Discover ways you can help natural butterfly populations, some in your own backyard.



Bring the Butterfly Pavilion experience to your home; visit our blog below to find great articles about butterflies, conservation, fun activities, and more!

Chilled Out Butterflies

Each week while the Butterfly Pavilion is open, Desert Botanical Garden receives more than 1,000 fluttery critters from butterfly farms in California, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. Rachel Nelsen, the Garden's exhibit coordinator, manages the butterfly pavilion and is...

Butterfly Search

Cactus can take on many shapes and sizes. Some are small some are humongous. Try this fun art activity with children of all ages.

Planting for Monarchs in Phoenix

The City of Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego, recently signed a new Proclamation declaring September Planting for Monarchs Month!

Activity | Butterflies In the Air

Monarch butterflies travel to their overwintering sites in Mexico where thousands cluster together, hanging from trees and creating a kaleidoscope of color.

Activity | Butterfly Spotting

Kids can engage in the natural world around them with this activity to search for butterflies interacting with plants. Head outside, and see what you can find.

Activity | Build an Insect Hotel

Insect hotels provide a welcoming habitat to friendly critters in your garden. Use this guide to build your own and welcome them. Key Features of an Insect Hotel: Holes for bugs, like solitary bees, to nest Natural materials, such as moss or straw Wood, such as twigs...

Bringing You Butterflies

The Spring Butterfly Exhibit may be closed, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy these fluttery friends. Check out this beauties, and identify their species in order below. Giant Swallowtail - Papilio cresphontes Monarch - Danaus plexippus White Peacock - Anartia...

Activity | Build an Insect

The Sonoran Desert has thousands of bug species. What have you noticed about them? Do they have fluttering wings? Do they have six legs, or maybe more? What color are they? What do they eat?  In this at-home Garden activity, kids of all ages can build their very own...

Monarch Butterflies and Milkweeds

Monarch butterflies are spotted in Arizona between October and April. While monarchs are not in Arizona year-round, the state is in the migration path for both the western and eastern populations of monarch butterflies. Annually, these iconic insects set out on a...

Want More Information?

Whether you have a question about a butterfly or would like to know about the next seasonal exhibit, contact the Garden by phone at 480.941.1225 or email at butterflypavilion@www.rootgalaxys3iii.com

Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Trail closed for renovations- July 18 through early Oct. 
We apologize for any inconvenience but excited to share the improved trail with you soon.